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Our Mission

Norton Children's Hospital Foundation

About the Norton Children's Hospital Foundation

The Norton Children's Hospital Foundation is the philanthropic arm for Norton Children's pediatric facilities and services. The foundation raises funds exclusively for Norton Children's Hospital, Kentucky's only full-service, free-standing hospital created "Just for Kids"; Norton Children's Medical Center; and pediatric services at Norton Women's & Children's Hospital to support programs, equipment, new technologies, clinical research, child advocacy and health education for patients, families, medical staff and the community.

Norton Children's Hospital serves all families regardless of their ability to pay. As part of a not-for-profit organization, Norton Children's facilities rely on the generosity of the community to help fulfill our mission to provide for the physical and emotional health of children, from birth to adulthood. It takes the generosity of everyone in the community to enable Norton Children's to be here for all children when they need us.


About the Norton Healthcare Foundation

As the philanthropic arm of Norton Healthcare's not-for-profit adult services, the Norton Healthcare Foundation raises funds to support initiatives at Norton Audubon Hospital, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, Norton Hospital and Norton Women's & Children's Hospital.

Thanks to support from our community, caregivers and our hospitals can stay up to date with medical advances and technology, thereby maintaining the community's access to high-quality health care.

Funds raised also make a difference for the more than 400,000 patients and their families who come to us for care each year by supporting the purchase of new equipment, provide programs and education, and fund research spanning Norton Cancer Institute, Norton Heart Care, Norton Neuroscience Institute, Norton Women's Care and other adult health services.


About the Norton Children's Hospital Foundation and Norton Healthcare Foundation

Norton Healthcare's two supporting foundations, the Norton Children's Hospital Foundation and Norton Healthcare Foundation, raise funds for adult and pediatric services at Norton Healthcare's hospitals - Norton Audubon Hospital, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, Norton Children's Hospital, Norton Hospital, Norton Women's & Children's Hospital and Norton Children's Medical Center. The foundations' fundraising efforts support programs, equipment and facilities, research and education. For more information, visit or